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Resources on Racial Reconciliation

Be the Bridge - empower people and culture towards racial healing, equity, and reconcilition (also has a great list of resources)

The Witness- a black Christian collective that engages issues of religion, race, justice, adn culture from a biblical perspective

God's Very Good Ideaa children's book to teach children how to enjoy being delightfully different yet all a part of God's family. 
Articles on how to lament HERE and HERE
Restoring Justice- local organization that provides holistic and loving legal and social defense for the marginazlied in our community. 

 If you have more you think we should add, please email connect@thebridgemontrose.org


RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a library of on-demand Bible study videos. Discover fun shows for kids, training videos on leadership, studies on books of the Bible, and much more. Their library has something for every age group and spiritual season and can searched by category, topic, or speaker. We have also curated a TBM Library with suggested resources to get you started. You can access RNM online or through their app.

RNM is our gift to you. to create your FREE account, Click HERE .

If you have any problems, email karen@thebridgemontrose.org.

Personal Bible Study Resources

  • Personal Bible Study Guide (download links below) - Use this template to help you study the Bible. Each week, we want to stay in the same text together for an extended amount of time. This template will walk you through the three basic elements of understanding Scripture: Observation, Interpretaion, Application. We have also added a day for focused prayer and a day for Celebration. You can find our sermons in Romans online on our webstite or as a podcast. You can also stay up to date on what passages we have study so far on our Sermons Page. One more bonus is that this guide is great no matter what scripture you are studying so use it well and enjoy the journey. God is good, His Truth transforms, and it is for His glory and our good. Please see the videos below to help you understand each element of study.  (Guide w/ Blanks Link) (Condensed One Pager Guide Link)



 Explanation of Personal Study Template


Other Free Online Bible Study Resources

Online Bibles

      • Faithlife Study Bible - Another great online bible resource. Probably the best free online personal study Bible you can find.
      • ESV Online - Simple and clean ESV online Bible. (ESV is the translatoin we use for curriculum and in our services on Sunday)
      • Youversion - Great bible app with many translations as well as online. able to create collaborative groups and save highlights and notes.
      • Bible Gateway - Online bible with many versions as well as some study and devotional resources.

Daily Devotions

Topical Study & Questions

Deeper Study/ Commentary

      • Precept Austin - Extensive resources good for all levels of study
      • Monergism - Extensive reformed theology study resources and sermon archives
      • Christian Classics Etheral Library - Extensive resources for for study devotional to message prep to academic pursuits.
      • Blue Letter Bible Study Resources - Many great free resources for deeper study.
      • Look at the Book - 8-12 minute videos of visual study through specific scriptures produced by John Piper and Desiring God. Designed to not only teach the Word itself but to teach all effective self study of Scripture.

Know the Story and Truth of the Gospel

      • The Story - Experience the full narrative of Scripture as the Gospel of Jesus threads from the beginning to the end in a very visual medium.
      • 3 Circles - Hear your story in God's story and learn how to communicate the Truth of Jesus to others in a way that is humble, respectful,, clear, and uncomprimising.

Apologetics Help (why you believe what you believe)

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