We will not be gathering as one large church body until Labor Day. Click HERE for how we are responding to COVID-19 and our future plans. 

COVID-19 response

A link for all our Corporate Virtual Gatherings can be found HERE

Those corporate gatherings include

  • Sunday 10am Worship, Music, and Prayer Gathering
  • Tuesday Prayer at 12:10pm
  • Both Gatherings will use the same Zoom Link (HERE)

5.31.20 Teaching

Discussion Questions

  • START WITH – What did the Holy Spirit reveal to you through this teaching, your own pursuit of racial reconciliation, and the time you in time in Micah 6:8 on your own? What do you have questions about/are struggling with?
  • Possible follow-up questions:
    • How do we lament?
    • How do we engage God’s heart for justice individually and collectively?
    • How do we show kindness/the love of God to others, specifically those of a different race than us?
    • How do we express love through action?
    • How do we walk humbly with our God?
      • What are the implications for us personally?
      • What are the implications for us as a whole?
    • What are the challenges we face in being God’s instrument of reconciliation? How do we navigate those challenges?
    • What action steps can you take this week in response?


Churchwide Update- 5.8.20

After much conversation, prayer and discernment, we have decided that what is right for The Bridge Montrose is to continue in the House Church gathering expression at least  through Labor Day, without any regular in-person, larger worship gatherings. The elders came to this decision for several different reasons:
  1. In this season, there is a need to gather both face-to-face and virtually. The most viable way for us to do that is through House Churches. The resources it would take to do a large gathering will take away from our opportunity to make disciples.
  2. We want to provide some stability and a clear path moving forward. With so much up in the air and ever-changing, this will unify us and allow us to be proactive. 
  3. This will also free up funds for us to be able to respond to the needs in our community or to absorb financial fall-off.
Over the next several weeks, your House Church leaders will continue to share updates and changes with each individual House Church. If you are not a part of a House Church Click HERE or email connect@thebridgemontrose.org

Other Resources


  • "Practicing Hospitality During a Pandemic" Article by Rosario Butterfield HERE

  • "Coronavirus and Christ" ebook by John Piper HERE

  • "Peace in Times of Suffering and Uncertainty" 3 messaged by Tim Keller HERE

  • "Where to find God During COVID-19" Podcast by John Lennox HERE


Physical Distancing requires creativity, but here are some tangible ways you can live on mission and serve your neighbor.
  • Phone Calls with the elderly and those who live alone
  • Reach out to anyone you know in the Medical Community, who are on the front lines of this. Are there any tangible needs you can meet (walk the dog, bring dinner, make a store run). 
  • We have created a couple of templates for letters to leave for your neighbors for ways to care and serve them. HERE (also check out NextDoor-you neighborhood may have something already in place or needs listed) 
  • If you are healthy and at low risk, there are a couple different organizations who still need volunteers to help distribute food. 
    • The Houston Food Bank (click HERE). 
    • CrowdSource Rescue (click HERE).
    • Kid’s Meals Inc (click HERE).
    • Give Blood (click HERE).
    • Other Opportunities (click HERE)


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