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Advent 2017- Anticipation - Isaiah 9:6-7 & Hebrews 2:8-9

December 3, 2017 Speaker: Heath Haynes Series: Advent 2017

Passage: Isaiah 9:6–9:7, Hebrews 2:8–2:9

We kick off the Advent Season this week looking at the great Anticipation that must have been for the arrival of the Messiah and how we live with present and future hope as we wait for His glorious return.

Sermon Text: Isaiah 9:6-7 & Hebrews 2:8-9

Questions for Further Study and Reflection:

  • What is one word that you could summarize what the Christmas season is for you? Is it positive or negative? If it is negative, in what ways could you be intentional to help shift your perspective to one of gratitude and joy? If it is positive, share why with others.
  • Spend some time prayerful considering what it would have been like for the people of God of the time to be waiting for their Messiah when God had not spoken through His prophets for 400 years. In what ways can you relate to them today?
  • Christ has come and He is coming again to restore all things. How should this impact the way you live your life? Does this result in an ever-present hope for you?
  • How can you be a part of inviting others into the great hope of Christ this Christmas?
  • We give gifts at Christmas time. Have you stopped to consider all that was given by God in HIs Son, Jesus Christ, for your redemption. Salvation is a free gift to you but it is very costly. Allow the love and grace of God to cover you and fill you with joy and courage.
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