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The Splendor of God - Habakkuk Chapter 3

November 13, 2016 Speaker: Justin Fountain Series: Habakkuk

Passage: Habakkuk 3:1–3:19

Habakkuk points us to Trust in God in the face of tough times and when it is hard to understand what God is doing.

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Questions for Further Reflection 

Themes to focus on

  • Fear
  • Awe
  • Justice
  • Sovereignty
  • Trust 
  • Salvation

Notice that Habakkuk has gone from complaining to praying.
     > What would have to happen in his heart for this to happen?
Habakkuk was overwhelmed by God's Salvation and wrath as well as God's glory.
    > Read through verses 2-16 and record all of the senses (both physical and internal) experienced in habakkuk's encounter and response to God.
           -- What is being communicated by the fact that so many senses are incorporated?
           -- Would you be able to say that your impression of God is adequate compared to                         Habakkuk's reaction?
• Read Verses 17-19 and summarize in your own words.
• Why do you think that Habakkuk concludes that he can and should trust God?
• What does this teach us about God?
• What does this teach us about mankind?
• How does this passage point to Jesus/teach Gospel themes?

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