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Comfort, Holiness, & Mission: Habakkuk 2:2-20

November 6, 2016 Speaker: Heath Haynes Series: Habakkuk

Passage: Habakkuk 2:6–2:20

Habakkuk points us to Trust in God in the face of tough times and when it is hard to understand what God is doing.

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Question for Further Reflection

5 Woes:

  1. Unjust acquisition of wealth
  2. Unjust wealth
  3. Bloodshed
  4. Drunkenness/Enticing to Drunkenness.
  5. Idolatry - Worshipping anything other than the life-giving Creator of all things. (1:11 - "...might was in their own hands")
  • How could you summarize or characterize the woes to the Babylonians? Another way to put it, - What were the Babylonians guilty of?
  • In what ways could those woes be extended to us today? (Make sure to spend enough time on this one)
  • It was meant to be a comfort to the faithful in Judah to be able to pronounce these woes against the Babylonians. With the above notes in mind, looking through the lens of the Gospel, how is our comfort in Jesus like these comforts for them,?
  • How does pronouncing woes against a sinful world relate to our mandate to share the good news of Jesus?
  • What do you learn about God from this text?
  • What do you learn about mankind/yourself from this text?
  • Are the any sins you need to repent of?
  • How does this text teach themes of the Gospel? How does this passage point to Jesus?
  • Who can you share what you have learned from this Truth with?
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