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Do we trust God?- Habakkuk 1:1-11

October 23, 2016 Speaker: Heath Haynes Series: Habakkuk

Passage: Habakkuk 1:1–1:11


Habakkuk points us to Trust in God in the face of tough times and when it is hard to understand what God is doing.

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Questions for Further Reflection

1) What is the role of a Prophet for the people of Israel?

2) What would have been Habakkuk's main concerns?

3) What are Habakkuk's frustrations with the Israelites in Judah?

  • • Why is this frustrating to Habakkuk?

4) Look at 1:3 - Have you ever been frustrated with God about what He has called you to do while He seems to be uninvolved in that very work?

5) Vs. 5-11 is a foreboding description of a great enemy force coming to overtake.

  • Does it makes sense to you that this would be God's response to Habakkuk's complaint?
  •  What is God saying?
  •  What is God planning on doing?
  • Why is God planning on doing this?

6) Think of some examples and about the implications in our world where we see our systems that are meant to teach and uphold what is right or protect the innocent become the very inflections of injustice and violence. Write down your thoughts.

7) How is this a message for those that are not a part of God's Church in Christ?

8) What does this passage teach you about God?

9) What does this passage teach about mankind/yourself?

10) How does this passage point to Jesus (Gospel themes)?

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