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Advent Week 3- Proclamation - Isaiah 40:6-8

December 13, 2015 Speaker: Heath Haynes Series: Advent- 2015

Passage: Isaiah 40:6–40:8

We all have to face our own mortality, which can be hard to accept. In our third week of Advent we see that even though we will all leave this earth, there is freedom and hope in Jesus. If we are in Christ, we must proclaim the Gospel and the promise of eternal life.

Below is some information to help you study this text along with us as well as some links to some personal study helps.

Sermon Text - Isaiah 40: 6-8
Broader Sermon Context - Isaiah 39:1 - Isaiah 40:31
Here is a link to some other study resources as well as an intro to our Personal Bible Study Template.
Here is a link to the Perosnal Bible Study Template.

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