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Advent I - Anticipation

November 30, 2014 Speaker: Curt Kieffer Series: Advent - 2014

Passage: Isaiah 25:6–26:6

Isaiah, an 8th century B.C. prophet, presents a divinely-inspired message about the rich promises of God for all people who accept His invitation to the Feast of the Lamb. Along with his central message, Isaiah provides readers a picture of two contrasting responses to the invitation: humble trusting in God’s sovereignty or futile self-reliance.

As we have been reconciled to God through the First Advent of Christ but look toward the Second Advent of Christ in final judgment and redemption of his people, how do we wait well?

Open Tranformation Group Study Template Info:

  • Sermon Text - Isaiah 25:6 - 26:6
  • Greater Sermon Text - Isaiah 25:1 - 26:9
  • Main Idea - Submit to the will and sovereignty of God’s plan formed of old • Have the end goal in mind • Keep in mind the Invitation is for all • In the midst of the brokenness of this world, reject the temptation to trust in yourself and not God • Above all, trust in God’s promises

Here is a link to our Study Template to help you pursue the Truth of God in His Word on your own.

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